Land Survey Services

Topographic Site Survey

We offer topographic land survey services that are uniquely customized to ensure you receive a survey plan that meets all your design and permit requirements. At Elevate our topographic site plans are constructed to satisfy the unique requirements needed by architects, engineers, consultants across the varying municipalities in both the Greater Vancouver Area and the Fraser Valley.

Topographic land survey services are typically for the following purposes:

  • For demolition purposes
  • For new construction purposes
  • For addition and or renovation purposes
  • For land development purposes
  • For re-zoning purposes

Building Construction

We provide all the survey services needed for both commercial and residential new construction:

  • excavation layout and elevation benchmark 
  • foundation layout for your framers
  • Forms certificate and Non Encroachment Certificate
  • Grid line layout for larger residential and commercial projects

Property Line Survey

A BC Land Surveyor (BCLS) is the only provincially legislated and qualified professional to help re-establish your property line. At Elevate we are qualified to offer services to locate and mark up your property line and corners. If your property corners are missing we offer services such as a posting plan which allows us to set legal property pins on your property corners.


As-built Surveys

At Elevate Land Surveying we provide as-built survey plans certifying that developers and their construction contractors have completed road works and services according to approved engineering plans. All plans are certified and approved by a BCLS, which ensure that final plans meet the high standards set by your local municipality.


Subdivision Survey Plans

From a 2 lot subdivision to larger subdivisions projects, Elevate has the qualifications to ensure the legal survey plans for your project are completed with accuracy and efficiency. Our years of experience in dealing with the planners, engineers, consultants, approving officers, and lawyers across multiple municipalities will allow us to deliver the quality legal plans you require to get both municipal and land title approval.

Legal Survey Plans we offer for your Development Projects include:

  • Subdivision Plans
  • Statutory Right of Way Plans
  • Easement Plans
  • Covenant Plans 
  • Reference Plans

Strata Plans

Elevate Land Surveying has the experience to provide all the land survey services you need for dealing with your multi-family development projects. Our staff  have the experience in understanding all the survey plans and forms you require to efficiently complete your project. From duplexes, to townhouses, to larger phased and condominium developments contact Elevate Land Surveying to see how we can help.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Preliminary Strata Plans 
  • Form P, Form S, Form T, Form U, Form V
  • Final Strata Plans
  • Lease plans

Survey Monitoring

At Elevate we use the combination of the latest high precision survey techniques and equipment to deliver quality results. We have the tools you need to monitor your site, from settlement monitoring to high risk development and construction next to adjacent buildings. We offer precision survey monitoring with easily understood spreadsheets outlining a report of results produced by the next business day. We also provide immediate on site notification if significant movements are measured on site.


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